Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More adspeak -- the old "we have the best people" positioning

From the department of "we can't believe someone actually said this and meant it:"

On a conference call today, the President of a well-known New York agency showed "creative" work for an investment management company. It took the hackneyed "we have the best people" approach to selling its wares.

Never mind that the investment manager in question is in Montpelier, VT, and consequently probably doesn't really have the best people.

Never mind that, in our opinion, there's a pretty damn efficient market for intellectual capital and as a result the two companies that offer the best earning power -- McKinsey and Goldman Sachs -- are the only ones who really do have the best people.

Never mind that whenever a company doesn't have something substantive to say about its business model it usually claims -- desperately, hopefully, but falsely -- to have the best people.

What made his comment so worthy of today's idiot flag was how he defended it:

"Even though the idea of people isn't different, the people themselves are."

Aha! Where do we send our money?!

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