Monday, May 25, 2009

Fans of diplomacy with rogue nations...

...should take a close look at the excellent progress that the UN and others are making with North Korea and Iran.

In the last twenty four hours, North Korea has conducted an underground nuclear test, and Iran has rejected a proposal to limit its nuclear development and has ruled out any talks with major global powers on the issue.

When the world is forced to face the horrifying decision as to whether it continues to negotiate or whether it takes military actions against lunatics in search of weapons of mass destruction, let's keep in mind just how useful negotiating with an unwilling party is.

It's not a negotiation. It's a waste of time. We act earnestly while they laugh and proceed with their plans to develop nuclear weapons.

For a tongue in cheek reminder of how diplomacy requires two parties that want the same outcome, we offer this funny-but-too-realistic bit from Team America World Police. For thoughts on how laughable the world's response has been so far, we offer this commentary from Andy Borowitz.

What will the world do? Write an angry letter or shout strong adjectives?

Hmmm. Perhaps we should actually do something that says we're serious?

Let's give peace a chance by all means...but remember Teddy Roosevelt's advice to speak softly...and carry a big stick.

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