Friday, April 10, 2009

Thought police ban ILVTOFU license plate

Vegan Kelley Coffman-Lee has a legitimate beef -- so to speak -- with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ms. Coffman-Lee is your almost typical caricature of a Colorado-living, hyphenated-name-having, feminist-and-liberal-bumper-sticker-sporting, wanting-to-tell-everyone-else-how-she-can-live-your-life-better-than-you, vegetarian-soccer-mom.

She's upset that the DMV won't let her sport a vanity license plate of her liking, specifically ILVTOFU.

If you don't believe me, have a look at the CNN video, although in fairness we don't know what sport she has her legging-and-boot-wearing daughter playing.

We're only surprised that she doesn't drive a Prius, or maybe a Subaru Outback.

Since it is our self-appointed duty to cast penalty flags on idiocy, we'd like to point out an important irony here.

Ms. Coffman-Lee is upset -- appropriately -- that the DMV rejected her application because of the alternate meaning that one could interpret from ILVTOFU. Big brother thought that could offend someone's sense of decency.

We have to admit that we see her side of things.

Now let's juxtapose their decision with her (scarcely surprising) comment that "I believe more people should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle."

Apparently, it's ok for her to tell other people what to think and how to live, but not for the CO DMV.

As for us, though, we think that anyone who says that they LVTOFU should be entitled to tell the world. One can enjoy TOFU in a wide variety of ways, and we applaud anyone's decision to do so as often as possible, and with as much enthusiasm as they can bring to the table.

Coming next: our thoughts on The University of Notre Dame and the preposterous controversy about Barack Obama -- the leader of the free world and the duly elected President of these Great United States -- agreeing to speak at their graduation. Suffice it to say that ND is revealing itself as the football powerhouse that it is...

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Gregory said...

You neglected to mention the incongruity of having a "Stop Global Warming" bumper sticker while driving a SUV and living in a cul-de-sac of McMansions. Perhaps if she thinks the thoughts, then, regardless of actions, things will improve. Kind of the inverse of the John Mitchell "watch what we do, not what we say" maxim.