Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adspeak and bullshit

Comes now the Arnell Group, who in the past few days have been feted for their redesign of the Pepsi logo and their work on Gwynneth Paltrow's website, goop.com.

Listen to the pseudo-intellectual masturbation that they use to sell this stuff:

For Pepsi: According to "Breathtaking," the new Pepsi logo lies along a trajectory of human consciousness that includes in its arc the Vastu Shastra, a 3,000-year-old Hindu architectural guide; Pythagoras (the Golden Section); the Roman architect Vitruvius; the Fibonacci series; Descartes; and Corbusier.

Or, perhaps it's just a crappy redesign of a logo that once looked kind of like a red white and blue globe.

For Paltrow: Goop.com's tagline, "nourish the inner aspect" is self-indulgent and nonsensical, and apparently not written by Paltrow at all...but by Arnell's team. Better yet, the site's navigation is exponentially too cute (and consequently useless) -- a knife and fork represent "make," a bicycle "do," and our favorite is the butterfly that symbolizes "be." One can only wonder when the unicorn icon for "wish" will be added.

Note, too that much of the content -- here in March -- is holiday oriented. Gwynneth and the Arnell team are either very late or very early, and either makes us question their wisdom (as if we needed another excuse to question either's).

The best part: The Arnell Group actually finds ways to get people to pay them for this bullshit.

And we wonder why marketing people are trusted only marginally more than attorneys?

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